About us

Psscion specializes in consulting services for the lifesciences sector. Our people, approach and perspectives enable us to provide exceptional results for client companies.Psscion’s senior team brings insights developed over decades of experience at the cutting edge of challenges facing lifesciences companies. Many years of achievement in both R&D and commercial roles provide them with distinctive abilities to visualize challenges and opportunities “beyond the tip of the iceberg,“ and collaborate across functional areas to deliver innovative and highly implementable solutions. Psscion’s consulting and service partners are leading experts in a range of fields including data analytics, health outcomes, reimbursement and access, public relations and medical writing.

The way we see it: in lifesciences, it’s all about the patient. That presents “the big challenge” and “the big opportunity” for lifesciences companies. No matter how interesting or novel a compound, technology, device or service may be, if data to support differentiated value for a group of target patients doesn’t exist or can’t be generated – asset potential will be limited. Especially today, being able to demonstrate safety and effectiveness isn’t nearly enough. Our senior team has a distinguished track record of achieving commercialization success through strategies that build assets, brands and markets – all with a focus on the patient.

Psscion’s approach to lifesciences challenges is distinctively different; we begin at the end. Why? Probably like you, we’ve seen teams of talented people with the right expertise and management support set out to address issues, yet fail to achieve timely, viable solutions. In every case we’ve looked at, a common central factor prevented success: the team “didn’t know where it was going.“ Psscion begins each engagement with a single-minded focus on collaborating with stakeholders and team members to crystallize the nature of the challenge and define a clear vision of the optimal solution and desired outcomes. Time and again, we’ve demonstrated that “beginning with the end in mind” – structuring work plans and aligning staff around a commonly understood vision – ensures project efficiency and exceptional results.